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The President: “Allied and Lithuanian armed forces operate more integrally than ever, and we stand ready to act together”


President Gitanas Nausėda met with Chief of Defense Lt Gen Valdemaras Rupšys and commanders of NATO and U.S. units in Lithuania. The meeting focused on reviewing activity objectives and results of NATO missions, their interoperability with the Lithuanian Armed Forces, as well as civilian and foreign mission groups in the Baltic States.

“The presence of NATO allied forces and U.S. military missions in Lithuania and the Baltic States’ region is our security guarantor. Effective deterrence is especially important now that Russia is building up its military forces of unprecedented size on the eastern border of Ukraine and continues provocations,” the President said.

Gitanas Nausėda underlined that NATO and U.S. activities in Lithuania sent a clear message to unfriendly states that the Allies were ready to stand by their commitments and ensure the security of Lithuania and the entire Baltic region. The President further emphasized that the presence of NATO and U.S. units demonstrated outstanding solidarity, dedication and support to the Baltic States’ region. “The interoperability of allied military contingents is closely interlinked with the Lithuanian Armed Forces, civilian and other foreign and international units. “Interoperability between NATO and U.S. units deployed to Lithuania and the Lithuanian Armed Forces is very smooth and has probably reached the peak of integrated activities,” the President added.

Good practices in interoperability between foreign contingents and the Lithuanian army were also reviewed. Among the other issues discussed was the organization of units in Lithuania, planned exercises and training, as well as the tasks carried out both in the air and on the ground.

Taking part in the meeting was Lt Gen Valdemaras Rupšys, Commander of the NATO Force Integration Unit-Lithuania Col Jacob S. Larsen, Commander of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence battlegroup Lt Col Sebastian Hebisch, Commander of U.S. 2-8 CAV Lt Col Steven Jackowski, and Commander of the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission Col Daniele Donati.

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