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Talented young people choose Lithuania


Tuesday, September 26, Vilnius – President Dalia Grybauskaitė launched “Trafi”, a unique transportation platform. The distinct software developed in Lithuania is the most modern urban transportation project connecting public transport, transfer and car sharing services in a single app.

The President, who launched the Choose Lithuania initiative at the beginning of the summer, has put a special focus on Lithuanian citizens who have already returned to Lithuania or are returning. According to Dalia Grybauskaitė, “Trafi” is one of the best examples of innovative and dynamic businesses that value their employees and motive talented people to return.

The majority of “Trafi” employees have returned from abroad. The graduates from Cambridge and Oxford universities as well as Massachusetts Institute of Technology are part of the software developer’s team. The company employees have given up their careers at Google, Uber, Spotify and other well-known companies and returned to Lithuania.

According to the President, while miraculous solutions are being sought, the companies like this are already on a successful path. “Trafi” intending to expand its business and already making Lithuania known all over the world is one of the most successful national startups. Up until now, over 14 million US Dollar investment has been attracted for the development and expanding of its business. The product developed by the company is used by more than four million people in Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia and other countries.

The new “Trafi” platform is an exceptional tool that connects all transportation services in a mobile telephone. Public transport users receive the information on the fastest and the most convenient routes by bus, trolley bus or orange bicycle for rent with one click. Those who prefer faster trips will be able to use the platform for choosing transfer or taxi services. Likewise, car-sharing services “City Bee” or “Spark” will be included for those who prefer driving.

For the convenience of urban residents, “Trafi” has a live map, allowing users to see the movement of the public transport, the number of transport means available at the closest bicycle or car-sharing points in real time for taking decisions based on the situation in the city at a given time.

The new “Trafi” platform was launched in Vilnius today. The company plans to expand into the largest and the most chaotic cities of the world.   

Press Service of the President

Last updated 2017.09.26 15:23