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New challenges – faced by the rule of law


Tuesday, September 12, Vilnius President Dalia Grybauskaitė opened the fourth Congress of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice "the Rule of Law and Constitutional Justice in the Modern World”. The first ever event on this scale in Europe is attended by over 300 experts of constitutional law from 90 countries of the world.

It is not by chance that Vilnius has been chosen as a venue for the conference. The Constitutional court of Lithuania has played an active part in establishing the World Conference on Constitutional Justice and continuously cooperates with the constitutional courts of other countries.

According to the President, Lithuania is well aware of the fact that the essence of the rule of law lies in the core values rather than in a blind reading of legal acts. No rule of law is possible when people are denied their dignity and freedom or live under fear of being murdered, tortured, deprived of home, family and homeland.

Dalia Grybauskaitė said that Lithuania had more than once experienced the importance of the price paid for the rule of law. It is thousands of lives of our freedom fighters and dissidents to whom justice and freedom was more valuable than life itself.

The President underscored that today our determination to protect the rule of law was challenged again as Europe saw new attempts to redraw state borders by force; military aggression in eastern Ukraine and the occupation of Crimea were followed by attempts to compromise the authority of the European Court of Human Rights.

Therefore, according to the President, politicians and judges alike have a special responsibility to protect the principles upon which the rule of law is based as respect for human rights and democracy is not a subject of compromise. Therefore, we cannot shake hands and will never welcome those who abuse the rule of law and whose decisions result in thousands of human tragedies.

In the two-day conference, the representatives of constitutional justice from all continents will discuss the rule of law, the importance of constitutional courts, protection of constitutional rights of persons and independence of constitutional courts. 

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