President of the Republic of Lithuania

Address by President Dalia Grybauskaitė at the three Baltic flags raising ceremony in Daukanto Square


This February 16 is more beautiful and sunny than ever before.

It means that the next one hundred years of our restored statehood will also be greatly encouraging: free and independent for all Lithuanians.

February 16 means an independent state, independent people and independent citizens – all those who know the price of freedom, treasure their history and cherish national memory.

This date is directly linked to the declaration signed by the Union of Lithuanian Freedom Fighters exactly 70 years ago. Our memory and our history are immensely important to us.

We know that some would like and even try to erase our memory from today and tomorrow. It is therefore very important that all Lithuanians see February 16 as a great national day, that our children are full with joy when waving the tricolor and that we always hear the word “Lithuania” whenever this date is mentioned.

The name of Lithuania will be forever interweaved with independence, national dignity, freedom, and better life.

We know very well that freedom is not a given. It can be undermined from the outside and the inside. The concept of freedom can be reduced. One group can force its opinion on another.

We all have experienced the feeling of freedom and we know how inspiring it is. Therefore, I am confident that each of us will defend the right to be free. And that we will stand free forever!

May you always be proud of our homeland, its history and people. It depends on us and us only whether we will live free not only in our minds and hearts, but also in future years.

Happy celebration of freedom because we deserve it! 

Press Service of the President

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