President of the Republic of Lithuania

Address by President Dalia Grybauskaitė at the three Baltic flags raising ceremony in Daukanto Square


Dear Fellow People of Lithuania, Distinguished Guests,

Happy centennial anniversary to all of you!

The State of Lithuania is entering a new centenary!

This morning, the tricolor flag was raised over many freedom-loving homes.

It means that our nation is growing stronger and that its people are fully committed to their own creation – Freedom – whose spirit will not be stifled by self-restraints or outsider demands.

Today we remember with pride and deep gratitude all those who brought our country back from oblivion and laid the foundation for modern Lithuania.

It was a soaring flight to the future and light – to the free world.

Attempts were made to stop and destroy us. To obliterate, by force, our memories about the First Republic. Up to the time when the nation once again rose up for independence.

We continue the work of the founding fathers of the Lithuanian state. We have countless ideas and visions inspired by the centennial and a very clear understanding that everything is in our hands.

For almost one-third of a century now, the State is our responsibility again. And we achieved many daring feats.

There are hundreds of people who deserve Lithuania’s gratitude for never faltering, for having faith and belief, for doing, teaching, researching, defending, for not selling their conscience. For making the best choice for Lithuania.

At the beginning of the past century, we looked forward with great hope to any sign of support. Today we know that we have true friends and allies, and their strong supportive shoulder.

It is a great pleasure to see many of our friends here today! Thank you all for being together with us.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are so fortunate to be witness to the centennial celebration.

May it leave a deep and indelible imprint in our hearts.

Lithuania’s centenary truly deserves to be celebrated throughout the year wherever there are Lithuanians.

The chime of bells will soon join our hearts with Lithuania in a journey through one hundred years.

You all are Lithuania!

The way you live and work will shape the nation and how it stands, with head raised or lowered.

The time that Lithuania gave us cannot be changed. So let us decide how we are going to use it and what we are going to create.

Let us be visible and let us be heard, let us be brave and trustworthy. Year after year, generation after generation.

May Lithuania always resound with pride and dignity.

Happy celebration!

Happy centennial of restored statehood!

Press Service of the President

Last updated 2018.02.16 13:16