President of the Republic of Lithuania

The President’s plan for Belarus: stop the violence, release detainees and start a dialogue with civil society


On Wednesday, President Gitanas Nausėda made a public address to the authorities of neighboring Belarus urging to take immediate steps to resolve the conflict in the country.

“The closest neighbors of Belarus, including Lithuania, need a stable, democratic, independent, and prosperous country in their neighborhood. That is incompatible with the recent developments that we are watching very closely with great concern”, the President said.

“Therefore we call upon the Belorussian authorities firstly, to deescalate the situation immediately and to terminate the use of brutal force against its people and secondly, to release all detained protesters and stop their persecution. Thirdly, we expect the Belorussian authorities will eventually start a dialogue with its citizens.”

According to the President, establishment of the National Council, comprised of representatives of the government and civil society, could be an appropriate step in this direction.

The Presidents of Poland and Latvia support the plan proposed by President Nausėda as well as the initiation of international mediation process.

The President‘s Communication Group

Last updated 2020.08.12 22:33