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The President to Chancellor Merkel: we need more Germany in Lithuania and more Lithuania in Germany


President Gitanas Nausėda continues his working visit to Germany. This morning, he met with Angela Merkel, the outgoing Chancellor of Germany. The meeting focused on political and economic cooperation between Lithuania and Germany, regional security and defence as well as illegal migration.

The President pointed out that the annual increase in bilateral trade and investments demonstrated the potential for economic cooperation between the two countries, particularly in the fields of engineering and automotive industry, information, green and financial technologies, and biotechnology. Germany is the first trading partner of Lithuania.

The President underscored his appreciation of Germany as a strategic partner in the EU, an ally in NATO, and a like-minded state in international organizations.

“The bond between Lithuania and Germany is based on shared democratic values and the pursuit of security and stability in the region. We need more Germany in Lithuania and more Lithuania in Germany,” the President said.

President Nausėda thanked Chancellor Merkel for Germany’s contribution to ensuring Lithuania’s security, its active participation in NATO defence and deterrence policy, and the leadership of NATO enhanced forward presence in Lithuania.

The President and the German Chancellor also discussed the situation of illegal migration at the border with Belarus and the EU’s response to the hybrid attack by the Belarus regime. The President stressed that the current migration situation entailed a need to change EU policies on migration, asylum, and border protection. He informed the Chancellor that Lithuania planned to raise this issue at the October European Council and expected Germany to support it.

The President of Lithuania and the Chancellor of Germany also dedicated some time to discuss energy matters, paying particular attention to the issues of energy independence from third countries, the unsafe Ostrovets nuclear power plant, and the prevention of its electricity accessing the internal market of the EU. 

President Nausėda and Chancellor Merkel also discussed relations with Russia, Eastern Partnership policy, and support for Ukraine’s Euro-integration aspirations.

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