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The President: I hope Poland represents regional security interests in the meeting with President Trump


President Gitanas Nausėda discussed regional security issues in a telephone conversation with President Andrzej Duda of Poland. Gitanas Nausėda and Andrzej Duda agreed that in a meeting with President Trump, the Polish leader will speak on behalf of Lithuania and Poland expressing an expectation of stronger US military presence in Europe.

“It is in the interest of Lithuania and Poland that the US military force not only stayed but also were more abundant in Europe. I asked the Polish President to convey this message to President Donald Trump at the meeting on June 24. Lithuania and Poland respect their key commitment regarding the allocation of 2 percent of GDP for defense, thus demonstrating our strong stance and responsibility to NATO at the national level”, the President said.

During the conversation, the two Presidents also touched upon Russia’s policy of historical revisionism. Both leaders agreed that Lithuania and Poland would not stand aside as Russia falsified historical facts and sought to undermine the Soviet Union’s responsibility for the occupation of the Baltic States.

“Not only our countries that were directly affected by the Soviet occupation but also our allies in the West are concerned with the processes of falsification of history. After all, the deeper historical consciousness of our Eastern neighbors is immersed in falsifications and oblivion, the more important preservation of our historic memory is”, the President said.

President Nausėda and President Duda also agreed that energy security was and would be a common interest of Lithuania and Poland. The Ostravets nuclear power plant (NPP) built in the vicinity of Lithuania is a threat to all EU citizens and its security issues had to be addressed at the highest level in the EU institutions. Poland supports Lithuania’s position not to buy electricity from unsafe third-country power plants and is also in favor of not buying electricity from the Ostravets NPP. The two leaders also discussed speeding up the synchronization project.

The President thanked his Polish counterpart for stronger bilateral cooperation and wished success in the forthcoming presidential elections.

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Last updated 2020.06.23 10:53