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The President after the meeting with the President of Poland: Lithuania and Poland are reliable allies


President Gitanas Nausėda welcomed President Andrzej Duda of Poland on an official visit to Lithuania. The visit started with the first meeting of the Council of Presidents established in 2020. Special focus was placed on regional security and defense, control of illegal migration and the Eastern neighborhood. 

The President emphasized that cooperation and friendship between Lithuania and Poland had been important throughout history but were particularly significant in the current geopolitical context.

“We appreciate Poland’s contribution to regional security. We feel that we have a reliable friend and ally in our neighborhood. Only united we will be strong to counter emerging threats in the current geopolitical environment. We must spare no effort to strengthen transatlantic cooperation," Gitanas Nausėda said. 

The Presidents of Lithuania and Poland discussed the management of the illegal migration crisis and the situation at the border with Belarus. Gitanas Nausėda stressed that the lessons of the hybrid attack by the Belarus regime had revealed the gaps in the existing EU legislation and the need to adjust it to the new realities in order to secure the EU’s borders as well as to prevent illegal border crossings and the abuse of the asylum system by anti-democratic regimes.

“I will raise these issues at the European Council meeting this Thursday. I thank Poland for its support, and I hope that we will continue to work together to bring about the necessary changes,” the President said.

The leaders of the two countries also discussed infrastructure projects in the region. The Lithuanian President underscored that the synchronization of the Baltic States with the electricity grids of continental Europe was a priority for Lithuania. The aim is to implement it by 2025 at the latest and to implement the LitPol Link electricity interconnection project by the end of 2021. The Lithuanian and Polish Presidents agreed that the completion of the Rail Baltica project and its entry into operation by 2026 were a common strategic objective for both countries.

The next meeting of the Council of the Presidents of Lithuania and Poland is scheduled for 2022 in Warsaw.

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