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Lithuania demonstrates leadership by offering a strategic vision for the Eastern Partnership region


President Gitanas Nausėda took part in a video conference of leaders of the EU member states and the Eastern Partnership countries to discuss priorities and directions of the EU Eastern Partnership policy. The leaders of the EU institutions, the member states and the heads of the Eastern Partnership countries participated in the video conference.

In his address to the leaders of the member states and the Eastern Partnership countries, the President emphasized the need to identify a clear strategic direction for the Eastern Partnership. “The dramatic global changes need to be addressed by defining an ambitious Eastern Partnership policy. We must do our utmost to ensure that the rule of law and respect for human rights existed beyond the borders of the EU, in our neighborhood. This requires a clear strategic policy vision covering the entire Eastern Partnership region. It should also envisage concrete steps to move towards the implementation of this vision”, said the President.

The President urged the European leaders to defy the current status quo and start a new phase of the Eastern Partnership policy. According to the President, political will to deepen the cooperation between the EU and the Eastern Partners, strategic focus of the EU institutions and mutual commitment are key factors leading to progress.

“Some countries in the Eastern Partnership region have already seen conventional and hybrid manifestations of Russian aggression, therefore the security dimension must be an integral and essential part of this policy. The EU supports and will continue to support the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Eastern Partnership countries.

The President also recalled the EU’s nuclear safety policy in his address to the leaders. The President called upon the Prime Minister of Belarus to cooperate with the EU and implement the requirements and recommendations of the stress tests before the launch of the nuclear power plant. The President also reiterated that Lithuania strictly refused to purchase electricity produced by the unsafe the Ostravets NPP.

The President expressed his full support to the EU’s Eastern partners and welcomed their efforts to implement reforms with a view to rapprochement with the EU. “I believe that the economic integration of the Eastern Partnership countries and their political association with the EU are the foundations of a secure, prosperous and united Europe”, the President said.

The EU’s Eastern Partnership initiative was established in 2009. It unites all EU member states and six countries in Eastern Europe: Moldova, Albania, Georgia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

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