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The new President: we consider Poland to be Lithuania’s strategic defense ally


Tuesday, July 16, Warsaw – President Gitanas Nausėda sworn in on July 12 left for neighboring Poland for his first official visit. Regional security and defense priorities, as well as energy independence issues, were discussed at the meeting with President Andrzej Duda.

“We mainly focused on the security of our states and mutual assistance in defense matters. We actively cooperate with Poland, we see Poland’s attention and feel grateful to the Polish troops for their participation in the military exercises in Lithuania. Moreover, Polish fighter jets took eight rotations to protect the Baltic airspace. Still, I am convinced that shared goals contribute most to strengthening relations and our shared aim to have a closer collaboration with the USA is one of them. Both Lithuania and Poland want the United States to be more involved in our defense”, said President Nausėda who considers the participation of the United States in defense of Lithuania and Poland as one of his foreign policy key priorities.

Another issue of mutual cooperation that the Presidents focused on was projects aimed at ensuring energy independence and development of transport infrastructure. “Our countries implement many joint projects in energy and transport infrastructure. There are plans to complete synchronization of the Baltic power grid with continental Europe and gas connections by 2025 that would grant access to more diverse resources. It is important to continue the implementation of the Rail Baltica project and we will put the best of our efforts to ensure the necessary EU funding,” added the President.

The Eastern Partnership was also touched upon at the meeting. As the Eastern Partnership marks the 10th anniversary this year, the President welcomed Poland’s initiative when Eastern European countries together with Sweden were encouraged to implement neighborhood policy: “We support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and their efforts to pursue the reforms, we are also watching Moldova and Georgia closely.  We support their pro-European policies.”

President Nausėda views his first visit to Poland and meeting with the President of Poland highly positively: “We have not only established a friendly personal contact but also discussed how bilateral cooperation in defense, energy and economy could be enhanced. Close ties with Poland are strategically important not only historically but also for the future of Lithuania. We believe that security is one of the key aspects of the welfare state therefore close relations between Lithuania and Poland are a must for the implementation of this vision of ours.”

The President chose Poland for his first visit following the established foreign policy tradition and as a expression of respect to the common past of the two countries: this year marks the 450th anniversary of the Union of Lublin, the 25th anniversary of Treaty between the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Poland on friendly relations and good neighborly cooperation, moreover, on 3 May 1791 Lithuania and Poland, as Parties to the Republic of the Two Nations, adopted the first Constitution in Europe.

President’s second visit to Poland is planned on September 1, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of World War II.

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