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Reduction of youth unemployment - from words to action


Thursday, June 27, Brussels - President Dalia Grybauskaitė participates in the European Council meeting in Brussels. The focus of this meeting is youth unemployment - one of the most pressing issues Europe is facing today. Heads of state and government of EU member states discussed key initiatives aimed at facilitating young people to find jobs and emphasized the need for rapid implementation of these initiatives.

"Economic crisis hit young people particularly hard - youth unemployment level in EU countries is often twice the overall level of unemployment. This may have very grave consequences in terms of Europe's long-term growth. We have been long talking about this issue, but words alone will not lead to more jobs - very concrete actions are needed, with more effective implementation of the EU initiatives that are already in place," the President said.

€6 billion are set aside in the EU multiannual budget 2014-2020 for the Youth Employment Initiative to support young people aged 15-24 who are looking for a job but unsuccessfully. It is essential to ensure that the funds from the EU multiannual budget are allocated for promoting youth employment as soon as possible, without waiting for a 7-year period to expire.

In Lithuania, EU funds have contributed to implementing a few initiatives: job creation for young people through investment, tax reliefs to inexperienced young workers, support funds for start-ups promoting youth entrepreneurship, enhanced competitive opportunities for young people ensuring access to training and acquiring more practical skills.

The President's submitted amendments to respective laws will also contribute to reducing youth unemployment, as they open up opportunities for young people to undertake independently, without any mediators, apprenticeship or practical traineeship in enterprises and state institutions. It would help young people to improve their skills and facilitate job search.

Lithuania - taking over the rotating Presidency of the EU Council in a couple of days - will devote special attention to tackling the problem of youth unemployment. At the beginning of presidency, July 3, Dalia Grybauskaitė will take part in the high-level conference in Berlin where representatives from various countries will share best practices in fighting youth unemployment.

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