President of the Republic of Lithuania

Inaugural Address by President Gitanas Nausėda in Daukantas Square


Dear Fellow People,

My Dear Lithuania,

I extend my greetings and speak to you today from a loving heart – with all my might...  

Today you have gathered here in the Square of Simonas Daukanas, a pioneer of the Lithuanian national revival, and across Lithuania [for a live broadcast] not just merely to watch and to listen to the usual “political” promises.

No, not for this.

Today we are brought together by the call of hope – WHEN?

WHEN will compassion and genuine love

Reverse the frenzy of hate in the world,

When will the trampled rights of man

Shine on us again like the sun?

(Jonas Aistis “When?”)

The Lithuanian poet Jonas Aistis spoke with a hurting heart about the wars of the past century, about freedom fights that ravaged our Homeland ...

Still, the call of the poet is not about yesterday, it is about today.

We struggled against the fetters of occupation in our quest for FREEDOM guided by the independent Lithuanian spirit.

FREEDOM in a free Homeland, in our own democratic state where life is safe, dignified and good.

And yet, today, we still ask: Is this THE freedom that we aspired to achieve?

Have we already reached the Promised Land – the Promised Lithuania of Well-being for ALL?

Has the “sun of Lithuania” banished all darkness?

Has the HOPE of a free, strong Homeland of well-being for ALL – cherished by freedom fighters and the national revival movement Sąjūdis – been realized?

Let us be honest and tell ourselves openly: NO, NOT FOR ALL yet.

Today, the contrasts in living standards are still sharp. Part of Lithuania is still distancing itself from the past – from spiritual and material deprivations imposed by the Soviet system.

Irresponsible politicking, done not in the public interest, often undermines civic dignity and social justice, does not create agreement and leads to disappointment in our own state.  

Until we eliminate these ailments, until well-being in Lithuania becomes a common good for ALL, until self-esteem fills our hearts and minds, we are NOT YET FREE, we are NOT YET a nation free of internal and external adversaries.

I resolved to take on presidential duties and responsibilities because

I CARE – integrity, respect and the feeling of responsibility should prevail in political life and in society.

I CARE – social justice and general well-being should be created for ALL.

I CARE – Lithuania should stand united, secure and focused on the future.

Dear fellow people, we had many meetings over the past several months during the election campaign. I heard and understood your hopes and expectations.

I resolved to be an independent candidate – therefore today I am an independent President.

Independent to work for you.

And to always be as you have come to know me:

open and simple, accessible and listening, willing to talk and responsive.   

I believe the same will be true five years from now – if not, remind me clearly and sharply about it!

Therefore, it is not only the President of Lithuania, Gitanas Nausėda, who is speaking to you today.

I speak for the Silent Lithuania – filled with the warmth of your hearts, strong in her spirit and beautiful in her soul.

Today, Lithuania asks: WHEN? And today, it replies: NOW!

NOW – let respect among all citizens serve as the foundation of Lithuania’s well-being.  

NOW – let honest politicians and public servants be a reality. 

NOW – may the love of Lithuania inspire confidence in her safe future.    

NOW – let us be free and independent, wise and resolute as we build our common home, Lithuania!

Gitanas Nausėda, President of the Republic of Lithuania

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