President of the Republic of Lithuania

The USA is the guarantee of the Baltic security


During his visit to the Munich Security Conference, President Gitanas Nausėda attended a panel discussion ‘Is the Allied Military Presence in the Baltics Deterrence or Provocation’ where he delivered introductory remarks.

In his remarks, the President highlighted that deployment of the US military force in Lithuania and the Baltic region was a strong deterrent to Russia.

“Without the support of the US and other NATO allies, we could not effectively deter Russia. Our geographical location and geopolitical situation commit us to make the best use of the available resources. It is important to ensure the highest possible readiness of NATO forces deployed in Lithuania, troops need to be trained on a regular basis, participate in exercises with the Lithuanian Armed Forces and receive rapid reinforcement when necessary. We cannot imagine effective deterrence without the involvement of the US,” the President said.

President Nausėda emphasized that a strong, repetitive and clear message to the potential aggressor that any violation of the security and sovereignty of the Baltic States, even the slightest one, would be accompanied by immediate, severe response and retaliation was a crucial deterrent.

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