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The Presidents of Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Estonia issued a joint declaration on Belarus


The Presidents of neighboring Poland, Latvia and Estonia supported the initiative of President Gitanas Nausėda to offer mediation for Belarus. In the declaration issued by the four leaders based on the three-step plan for Belarus drafted by the Lithuanian President, the Presidents urged the Belarusian authorities to stop the use of force against peaceful people of their country. 

"Stop the violence and respect fundamental freedoms, human and civil rights, including the freedom of speech, the media, assembly and ensure the safety of journalists. Release all detained protesters and stop further persecution immediately. Initiate a dialogue with the Belarusian people immediately”, said the Presidents in the joint declaration.

The four leaders urge the Belarusian authorities to hear the voice of their citizens and to allow them to express their views freely on the situation in the country and on the results of Sunday's presidential election.

“Based on the experience of our societies, we urge you to organize a national reconciliation forum in Belarus, comprised of representatives of the government and the civil society. This would represent an appropriate step in launching a genuine national dialogue. We strongly believe that dialogue is always the best path to advance social development, discuss reforms and the future of your country”, the four Presidents stated in the declaration.

By issuing the declaration, the Presidents agreed that if the Belarusian authorities met the requirements, the door for cooperation with the international community would remain open, as the isolation was not a way for any nation’s prosperity and development.

“We stand ready to offer our mediation efforts to reach a peaceful solution in Belarus and to strengthen the independence and sovereignty of Belarus. Sanctions should only be imposed if mediation failed. Mediation is a diplomatic instrument to overcome the crisis, and we must use it”, said President Nausėda.

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Last updated 2020.08.13 19:43