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The President: we commit to increasing our defense spending


Wednesday, September 4, Vilnius – During the visit to Brussels, the President met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to discuss the security situation and challenges in the Baltic region, international security and defense issues. The President informed NATO Secretary General of Lithuania’s plans to continue to increase defense funding.

“NATO has always been the safeguard of Lithuania’s security and defense. We are grateful for the commitment of the allies to defend and protect Lithuania and the Baltic States, as well as for the strengthening of the armed forces and the Baltic air police mission. Maintaining and strengthening close relations with our allies is and will remain my top priority. I assure you that Lithuania will make every effort to meet its defense funding and investment obligations. We already allocate 2 percent of GDP to defense, and we plan to increase our defense spending up to 2.5 percent by 2030”, the President said.

The President expressed gratitude and support to the NATO Secretary General for strengthening the Alliance in challenging times. Russia’s actions are the biggest threat in the region. The President expressed concern over Russia’s demonstration of military power and its behavior against democratic values and rules-based international order.

The President emphasized the importance of consistent NATO adaptation in an ever-changing security environment and ensuring that all decisions taken by previous NATO summits to strengthen defense and deterrence were fully implemented. Lithuania will also continue its international commitments by contributing to NATO missions and operations to ensure peace and security in the world.

The President expressed support for Georgia and Ukraine, highlighting the need for NATO to assist these countries as well as the region as a whole in implementing the reforms aimed at Euro-Atlantic integration and strengthening their security and resistance to Russian disruption.

Preparations for the December NATO Summit in London to mark the 70th anniversary of the Alliance was also discussed during the meeting.

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