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The President to war refugees in Moldova: Ukraine will win


President Gitanas Nausėda continues his working visit to Moldova. On Saturday, the President visited a center for war refugees from Ukraine in Chișinău.

The President met with the residents, staff and volunteers of the center. Gitanas Nausėda stressed that Moldova, in the face of a large influx of war refugees from Ukraine, is demonstrating exceptional solidarity and empathy by providing all possible support for the war-affected people.

“Russia’s war in Ukraine is a tragedy that is destroying people’s lives. Millions have to leave their homes and seek refuge abroad. Moldova, Lithuania and the entire democratic world stand with you – free, bold and heroic Ukrainian people. Ukraine will triumph,” the President addressed the war refugees.

More than 573,000 Ukrainians have fled to Moldova to escape the war in Ukraine, of whom around 100,000 still remain in this country. Lithuania has so far provided EUR 750,000 in financial aid to Moldova and has offered to resettle 2,000 Ukrainians, some of whom are already in Lithuania.

During his visit, the President handed over a donation from the Lithuanian public – humanitarian aid collected by non-governmental organizations and businesses for Ukrainian war refugees in Moldova. The humanitarian cargo includes foodstuffs, hygiene products, children’s clothes and shoes, bed linen, medical supplies and food supplements.

The President expressed his sincere gratitude to the Lithuanian non-governmental organizations, including the Lithuanian Caritas, Food Bank, Order of Malta, Lithuanian Red Cross, Riflemen’s Union, and to their volunteers for the allocation, coordination and delivery of aid to Ukrainian war refugees in Moldova.

The NGOs mobilized humanitarian aid for Moldova together with business enterprises Biovela Group, Baltic Pallets, Eurovaistinė, and retailers Grūstė, Maxima, Iki, Rimi, Senukai, Moki-Veži.

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