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The President met with Ukrainian schoolchildren in Utena on Europe Day


On Monday, President Gitanas Nausėda visited Utena Vyturiai Progymnasium, where he was introduced to the system of integration of children from Ukraine that is being developed there. The President also participated in a lesson dedicated to Europe Day in the Daugailiai branch of the progymnasium.

Currently, more than 460 children, 124 of whom are from Ukraine, attend Utena Vyturiai Progymnasium. The school also employs teaching assistants from Ukraine.

“Europe is not merely a continent, nor is it just the countries that make up the European Union. It is first and foremost the values of freedom, democracy, justice, and human dignity. Values that we believe in and defend. Today we must defend them in Ukraine, where Putin’s soldiery have brought back what Europe wanted to leave behind in the last century – murder, violence, and tyranny,” the President said during the lesson dedicated to Europe Day in Daugailiai.

During his visit to the progymnasium, the President thanked the teachers’ community for their activity, innovations, and efforts to create a system of integration for Ukrainian kids.

In just a couple of months, Utena Vyturiai Progymnasium has expanded by on-third in size when more than 100 children fleeing the war started their education there. The older sister of the first two children, who arrived on March 2, is now a teaching assistant in the school.

“We can all contribute to assisting Ukraine. Taking care of Ukrainian children, helping them to settle in Lithuania, and schooling them is important support for a country at war. The example of Utena Vyturiai Progymnasium shows how much a united community can do," the President said.

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Last updated 2022.05.09 15:32