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The President met with Honorary Consuls of Lithuania


President Gitanas Nausėda met remotely with honorary consuls of Lithuania. In the traditional annual meeting, the President and the honorary consuls from all over the world discussed the most important international political trends, priorities of fight against COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, targets of green economy, promotion of sharing economy, trade, and business relations.

Gitanas Nausėda thanked the honorary consuls for assisting Lithuanian nationals to return home from the remote parts of the world in the wake of the pandemic. “It is always good to know that Lithuania can rely on such a wide and solid network of honorary consuls. It is even better to feel this support at the time of a global crisis,” the President said.

President Nausėda informed the honorary consuls about yesterday’s unprecedented incident when a passenger plane bound for Vilnius was forcibly landed in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. The President stressed that he had undertaken actions at the international level to ensure response and to prevent such threats to people’s safety and civil aviation in the future. Gitanas Nausėda will raise the issue at the European Council meeting today in Brussels.

The President underscored the global impact of the pandemic and resilience of Lithuanian economy, stressing the importance of joint actions, especially at EU level. Ambitious vaccination plans, international solidarity of the EU in sharing vaccines would ensure a more rapid economic recovery and restoration of normal mobility. Besides that, Lithuania sees opportunities and aims to ensure sustainable economic growth based on innovations and climate friendly solutions. According to the President, digitalization, green technologies, renewable energy, biotech and fintech are the key sectors for a successful economic recovery. These innovative and hi-tech fields need foreign investment to accelerate sustainable growth. The President called on the honorary consuls to enhance economic partnership between countries, open new cooperation possibilities, and encourage bilateral exchanges in scientific research and technology.

Gitanas Nausėda invited the honorary consuls to assist Lithuania in opening new markets and ensuring fair competition for domestic producers and exporters, especially by making the most of the 45 European Union trade agreements and support of diplomatic representations of Lithuania.

According to the President, it is paramount to inform the world about Lithuania’s capabilities and its aim to export products from high value-added sectors, such as life sciences, information and communication technologies. The Pandemic restrictions haven’t slowed down the growth of Lithuania’s financial technologies and digital economy while pharmaceutical companies have achieved huge progress and massively increased their manufacturing capabilities for reagents used to produce tests, vaccines and therapy products.

“What the global network of honorary consuls offers Lithuania is the possibility to reach the farthest countries of the world and to extend this message of partnership. It also makes it possible for my country to act globally and to maintain ties with the Lithuanian diaspora all over the world,” the President said when addressing the honorary consuls.

In addition to establishing and developing economic, political, and cultural relations with other countries, especially in the countries and regions where the network of representations is not very extensive, the honorary consuls also play an indispensable role in strengthening the links between Lithuanian citizens and members of the diaspora, helping them to foster Lithuanian identity and take part in Lithuania’s life.

Lithuania has 219 honorary consuls in 95 countries.

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