President of the Republic of Lithuania

The President met with heads of global businesses and organizations in Davos


While attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, the President showed special attention to the global business community.

The President attended a gala dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the World Economic Forum at the invitation of Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum. During his brief conversation with professor Schwab, the President thanked for the invitation to the World Economic Forum and for a meaningful debate that was particularly significant given the geopolitically complex and economically dynamic time. The President discussed plans to establish a representative office of the World Economic Forum in Lithuania and the possibilities of establishing a fourth industrial revolution research center in Lithuania with the support and in partnership of the World Economic Forum.

Later, the President met with Marek Lusztyn, the newly appointed head of Polish Bank Pekao, to discuss reduced competition in the Lithuanian banking sector and favorable opportunities for new market entries. The President also took the opportunity to talk to C Vijayakumar, CEO of HCL Technologies, the Indian information technology giant employing nearly 150 thousand people and Head of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation Tadashi Maeda. Economic and labor market situation, favorable investment environment, Lithuania’s achievements in cyber security and financial technologies were presented to companies looking for development opportunities in Lithuania.

The President visited the headquarters of the global organization of chief executives (YPO) in Davos, where he met with YPO Chairman Pascal Gerken and a representative of the YPO division in Lithuania. YPO members and the President exchanged views on global macroeconomic challenges, Lithuania’s breakthrough in promoting its attractiveness, implementing digital solutions and attracting foreign investment as well as ways to encourage settling and expansion of global innovative companies in Lithuania.

YPO’s intention to participate in the Ocean Race 2021-2022 onboard the Lithuanian yacht AMBERSAIL 2 was also discussed. There are plans for the international team led by Olympic athlete Rokas Milevičius to sail under the Lithuanian flag and promote Lithuania in one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

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