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The President marked membership in NATO day with cadets


Friday, March 29, Vilnius - President Dalia Grybauskaitė visited the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy where she met with the cadets to mark nine years of Lithuania's membership in NATO. The President and the cadets discussed newly emerging challenges to global and national security, leadership issues and the actual outcomes delivered by NATO membership.

"After nine years of membership in NATO, Lithuania has strong security guarantees: definite contingency plans, permanent air policing mission, Energy Security Center. However, now that the world and Lithuania face new threats, our preparedness and ability to timely identify these threats and respond to them is no less important," the President said.

Regional military exercise Steadfast Jazz will be held in Lithuania later on this year where collective defense scenarios will be tested in practice for the first time. The President underlined that it was convincing proof to all that in case of threat to security, members of the Alliance were going to defend the Baltic States.

The President pointed out that the Military Academy not only provided for the training of professional officers, but also developed their leadership qualities in many different aspects. She underlined that Lithuanian servicemen were highly valued for their knowledge and practical skills in international missions.

Leadership development is an integral part of studies and education programmes at the Military Academy of Lithuania, which has the objective of developing personal and professional qualities, training officers capable of independent leadership, and motivating the cadets to serve their homeland.

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