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The President: Lithuania has an ambition of becoming a green economy and digitization leader


During the visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos, President Gitanas Nausėda attended a lunch for European leaders where he delivered a welcome address on stimulating economic growth in Central and Eastern Europe.

At the meeting, European leaders exchanged views on development challenges of Central and Eastern Europe in the face of middle-income traps and slowing global economic growth. The leaders considered the measures that could be taken to ensure sustainable growth of their economies.

The President emphasized that the greatest potential for economic growth lies in adopting green technologies and promoting digitization in both private and public sectors. These processes must be geared towards promoting the well-being of people and based on innovation and efficient energy production.

The President expressed support to the new Green Deal proposed by the European Commission, which, he said, would require the mobilization of European countries, changes in their legal frameworks and appropriate financial resources. “We see Europe following this bold agreement and believe in its success. However, we must ensure that third countries produce energy according to the highest environmental standards and innovative environmentally friendly technologies”, the President said.

He reminded that the Green Deal in Europe will encourage the creation and development of environmentally friendly business, innovation, production, and health care. It will be an economic phase of a whole new quality that will require a new generation of leadership skills, while also having the potential to be the beginning of a new society and a new perception of welfare.

The President also spoke about the development of digitization and the challenges it brings. “While digital technology development promises more efficient processes in many areas, we must not forget technology security. Often innovation spreads faster than our critical thinking, and we face growing threats from cybersecurity and hybrid threats”, the President added. The President expressed delight over Lithuania’s success in dealing with cyber threats, having one of the most advanced cyber security centers in Europe in Kaunas. He also noted that Lithuania was already on the path to a digital future by developing a base for regulated financial technology.

“I believe that our main goal in Europe is to develop a modern, environmentally friendly, climate-neutral, integrated and digitized market”, the President said.

Today, the President also plans to meet with representatives of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Prime Minister of Georgia, and attend a dinner on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the World Economic Forum hosted by the founder of the Forum, professor Klaus Schwab.

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