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The President: let us not waste the opportunity to use crisis for economic breakthrough


President Gitanas Nausėda and President of Poland Andrzej Duda welcomed the participants of the Polish-Lithuanian online business forum. In his welcome remarks, the President highlighted the opportunities for businesses and states unveiled by the pandemic crisis not only to achieve a breakthrough in innovation but also to mitigate social exclusion.

According to the President, challenges posed by the pandemic could encourage economic transformation. “There is a saying that one should not let a crisis go to waste. And I believe we won’t do it because we see new opportunities opening before our eyes”, the President said.

The President expressed belief that historic agreement reached back in July by the EU heads of state and government offered an unmatched opportunity to create the next generation European Union – one that would be greener, more innovative, and stronger.

“We need a market that is more closely integrated, a workforce with better skills as well as industries able to compete globally. All this should be supported by the green transition – the most ambitious goal of the European Union in a long time”, the President added.

According to the President, energy and mobility would be the most challenging areas to transform. But investments in these sectors would also allow us to generate even higher added value. “Full climate neutrality and artificial intelligence solutions, backed by the next generation of telecommunication infrastructure, will enhance the efficiency of logistics, automation-related industries and others”, the President said.

President Nausėda stressed that the economic transformation should also go hand in hand with social transformation. In the words of the President, once Lithuania and Poland reaped the benefits of unprecedented EU investment, they had to be shared with the society at large. Only then success could be sustainable. Only then Lithuania could become a mature welfare-state, the one the President wished it to be.

The Lithuanian-Polish business forum organized by the Office of the President in cooperation with Enterprise Lithuania, the Lithuanian-Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists was attended by over 100 entrepreneurs from energy, logistics, information technology and telecommunications, defense and engineering sectors. Business representatives also attended bilateral meetings during the forum to establish closer relations among high added value generating Lithuanian and Polish companies.

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