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The President: I wish European leaders determination to act against real threats


During the visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos, the President attended a closed Informal Gathering of World Economic Leaders titled An Ascendant Europe.

President of the European Parliament David Maria Sassoli and President of the European Council Charles Michel made presentations during the debate aimed at discussing the strengthening strategic cooperation among the EU member states, the development of the single market and raising global competitiveness. Representatives of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and Young Global Leaders, as well as European leaders, exchanged their views.

During the debate, the President urged the European leaders not to hide behind the loud phrases like “European strategic sovereignty”, but rather give meaning to these words – identify the real EU challenges and respond to them in a resolute manner.

The President reminded of the threats posed by Russia such as cyberattacks, information attacks and manipulation of historical facts and emphasized the intolerable Russian aggression in Ukraine and Georgia, where it seeks to freeze conflicts rather than resolve them. “The European Union has spoken boldly and decisively about climate change, and we expect the same determination in response to the threat of Russia”, said the President. According to the President, EU member states cannot be forgiving to those who disregard the rule of international law, the preservation of peace and the principles of national sovereignty.

The President also mentioned the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. The President said that the complex and dynamic situation in the world called for the EU to assume an active role of a bridging, connecting and empowering moderator. According to the President, Europe must foster relations with the United States and strengthen the transatlantic ties. “We share the same values and see the same threats and challenges, therefore strengthening cooperation would be mutually beneficial”, the President said. According to the President, maintaining close relations with the United Kingdom will be highly important for the European Union, and security and defense cooperation should be seen as the EU priority.

“The strength of the EU lies in its unity and ability to balance the interests of the member states. We all agree that we will be as strong as we can sacrifice our interests for a greater purpose – peace, security, conservation of nature, combating climate change, sustainability and unity of the EU”, the President said.

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