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The President: gender equality should be promoted by personal example

Tuesday, December 6, Vilnius - President Dalia Grybauskaitė welcomed the participants of the ESCO round-table discussion "Making Women's Voices Heard" on gender equality and equal opportunities.

The experts from the EU's Eastern Partnership, Mediterranean Sea regions and Lithuania have shared their unique experience, success stories, and provided a roadmap for further initiatives in the sphere of gender equality. 

According to the President, a special focus of the international community on this issue shows its importance. Dalia Grybauskaitė actively participated in the discussion answering all the questions about Lithuanian women's position here in Lithuania and in the world. 

"Any discrimination impairs the well-being of our societies. Gender gaps, glass ceilings and brick walls - an environment you navigate daily. Only through personal example and greater visibility we can attract everybody's attention to this problem and encourage combating it," the President said.

The President urged the participants of the discussion to be good examples in the fight against gender inequality by assuming more responsibility in decision making, showing personal initiative, efforts, and persistence. She underlined that only public and vocal messages about gender equality issues could encourage women to be more determined in the struggle for their rights. 

According to President Dalia Grybauskaitė, Lithuania protects women's rights and is an example of good practice with more and more women participating in public life and holding the leading positions. 

Equal opportunities and the strengthening of women's role are among key priorities in the Lithuanian OSCE chairmanship programme, and this discussion is a continuation of the high-level global conference of women leaders which was held this summer in Vilnius. The President has assured that after the OSCE chairmanship gender mainstreaming will remain on our agenda.
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