President of the Republic of Lithuania

The President: Creative work is the most direct way to freedom


Tuesday, February 16, Vilnius - "Freedom and Creation are two fundamental values that cannot be measured or priced. They are vital to the existence of our nation and community of citizens in the world - so that we can feel dignified and strong," President Dalia Grybauskatė said at the ceremony of presenting National Culture and Art Awards.

According to the President, culture has been always cherished in our country even at times of interrupted statehood, and ideas would emerge to rally the people for the cause of freedom and independence. "Creative work is the most direct way to freedom," the President said.

The President noted that art reflected the colors of the world, both bright and dark. "A modern cultured society is not only capable of identifying the sublime, but it also accepts and learns from criticism which at times may be very harsh," President Dalia Grybauskaitė said and expressed the view that that art is not for enjoyment alone - it changes us and makes us better.

The President also noted that February 16 reminded us every year of the time when our state was reborn and opened up to the world. According to the President, we are interesting to the world only in so far as we promote our national identity and share it with other peoples.

The President extended congratulations to this year's winners of National Culture and Art Awards and thanked them for their important input to the national culture.

National Culture and Art Awards are annual awards presented for the most important works of art created by Lithuanians in Lithuania and abroad in the past five years.

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