President of the Republic of Lithuania

The President congratulated Chancellor Angela Merkel on historic victory in Bundestag elections


Dear Madam Chancellor,

I extend my sincere congratulations on the historic third-in-a-row victory of the Christian Democratic Union, which you lead, and the Christian Social Union of Bavaria in the German federal election.

This impressive electoral result signifies not only the trust that Germany has placed in you and your party, but it also indicates clear-cut support to your efforts in bringing Germany and the entire Europe out of a very deep and complicated economic crisis - which called for your personal strength and vision.

Never before in the past twenty years has the trust of German voters in the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union of Bavaria been so high.

I wish you every possible success in continuing the work of critical importance to Germany and Europe. I firmly believe that the joint and ever more dynamic efforts by Lithuania, currently holding the six month rotating presidency of the EU Council, and Germany will yield significant results for our two countries and Europe as a whole.

May I again extend warm congratulations on your victory.

Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of the Republic of Lithuania

Last updated 2013.09.22 21:16