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The President: Acting together with Ukraine and regional allies strengthens security across Europe


On Thursday, President Gitanas Nausėda met with the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and the President of Latvia, Egils Levits.

The trilateral meeting focused on the security situation in the region, NATO cooperation in strengthening its eastern flank and preparations for the NATO Summit in Madrid. The Presidents also discussed the need to expand EU sanctions against Russia, plans to secure gas supply alternatives in the region, and the acceleration of synchronizing the Baltic States’ electricity grid.

“Our countries share the same goal of strengthening the protection of NATO’s eastern border by boosting our land, air and sea defense capabilities,” the President underlined.

The meeting also focused on support for Ukraine. “Russia’s military offensive is faltering, but not stopping, and we need to remain resolute in our active military support for Ukraine. The EU must keep up the pressure on the aggressor and impose the toughest possible sanctions. Lithuania was the first European country to stop Russian oil and gas purchases and calls on all EU member states to take this important step as well,” the President said.

“We must isolate Russia in all sectors: finance, energy, trade, culture, sport. Sanctions must also be imposed on Belarus for its role in aiding the aggressor,” the President stated. Gitanas Nausėda highlighted the need to extend sanctions to Russian propaganda channels and to eliminate its participation in all international organizations as well as political and financial institutions.

The President stressed the need to grant EU candidate status to Ukraine without further delay and to mobilize full political support for this. The Lithuanian President also emphasized the need to develop new EU instruments of financial support for Ukraine’s reconstruction and to consider the possible use of frozen Russian funds.

The President is of the view that concerted international efforts are needed to identify and prosecute all perpetrators of war crimes in Bucha and other cities. “No one is to escape justice, just as Russia itself is not to escape the obligation to make full reparation to Ukraine for the damage caused,” the Lithuanian President said.

The trilateral meeting between the Presidents of Lithuania, Poland and Latvia took place in Vilnius, following the commissioning of the GIPL gas pipeline.

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