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Statement on Georgia by the President of the Republic of Lithuania


Exactly 100 years have passed since the Red Army occupied the newly established Democratic Republic of Georgia – bringing a halt to the ambitious determination of the Georgian people and their justified desire to become a full-fledged member of the international community. In a sad turn of the events, Georgia became part of the Soviet empire against its will. 

The standard Soviet practice of repressions and forced assimilation resulted in the destruction of the political and intellectual elite. Long decades of occupation, filled with pain, suffering and forcible actions against the population of Georgia, followed. 

Despite that terror, the spirit of freedom had been maintained by the people, sometimes hidden or underground, but nonetheless cherished and kept secure. Seven decades after the occupation, Georgia saw a revival of this spirit, resulting in re-established independence and statehood – once again gaining the opportunity of becoming a respected member of the international community. 

Lithuania understands the huge pain brought by occupations and repressions, the meaning of the struggle for freedom. We share empathy with the feelings of the people of Georgia on this commemorative date.

Unfortunately, the latest developments in Georgia and the detention of the opposition party leader have raised many concerns. Political solutions can only be found through genuine dialogue between the parties.

Georgia’s ambitious European and Euroatlantic integration goals require broad political unity and concerted actions, including constructive and continuous dialogue with all political parties.

We remain fully committed to supporting Georgia’s Euroatlantic path and will support all efforts to overcome the current political situation. Lithuania is ready for mediation efforts in searching for a dialogue and consensus among all parties.

Lithuania remains Georgia’s steadfast supporter in its resolve to stand against the Russian occupation of its territories which continues up till today. We firmly support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within internationally recognized borders, as well as its aspirations to become a member of the transatlantic family.

Gitanas Nausėda, President of the Republic of Lithuania

Last updated 2021.02.25 20:30