President of the Republic of Lithuania

President's speech at the conference of Partnership for Transatlantic Energy Cooperation


Dear Secretary Perry,

Dear Ministers,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you all at the opening of the 2nd Ministerial of the Partnership for Transatlantic Energy Cooperation. Having invited 24 countries for closer cooperation, we rejoice at this great occasion to move forward with our common agenda.

There is not a single energy minister or business leader here, I presume, who would not have a deep interest in transatlantic energy cooperation. It has never been more important, especially for those countries that have seen energy resources being used against them as a geopolitical weapon. I believe that the P-TEC initiative offers a way out of this state of long-standing insecurity.

For sure, this aspiration is not the only reason we have gathered here in Vilnius. Sustainable and resilient energy sector with a well interconnected infrastructure is the backbone of our economic growth and prosperity. It will remain so in the foreseeable future. We must do as much as possible to strengthen it together.

The P-TEC initiative launched only a year ago in Bucharest is tailor-made to connect policy makers, civil-society stakeholders and business leaders from different countries. Since US Energy Secretary Perry has presented this new framework, we witness the speedy progress of practical work. However, further cooperation on tackling the most pressing energy security issues of the day is still needed.

Fragmented infrastructure, power-seeking energy suppliers and cyber challenges, as well as investment raising and modernization, are the same challenges faced by many countries. We need a more diversified, better integrated, innovation-driven, competitive energy market. We also need a common future based on clean energy.

Today we have a possibility together develop this cooperation platform. It will help us to strengthen transatlantic ties. It will help us to implement European energy and climate goals, thereby creating a sustainable single European energy market. We will also be able to identify strategic projects in the energy sector and to explore financing options. To get the best results from P-TEC, we will have to facilitate the exchange of technology and best practices.

The EU-US Energy Council will also benefit from the P-TEC initiative, for we seek the same goals. We want to promote transparent, open and secure global energy markets, to diversify energy resources, suppliers and routes, as well as to encourage technology cooperation and innovations related to clean energy.

Let me remind you that the Baltic States are already implementing a number of strategic energy projects important for the future of the European Union. Our goal is to become a pilot region for enhanced transatlantic energy cooperation.

Yesterday Lithuania together with Estonia, Latvia and the United States agreed to have a regular high-level energy dialogue at the margins of P-TEC ministerial meetings. I am sure it will encourage us to discuss energy projects being implemented in the Baltic States, to facilitate contacts between businesses and policy makers, and to examine regional energy security challenges.

In the nearest future special attention will be given to cybersecurity of strategic Baltic energy infrastructure. We would also welcome a stronger U.S. role in providing the Baltic States with political and technical support.

Time and again we have been taught the historical lesson that Europe and the United States are stronger, safer, and more prosperous together. On that note, I would like to wish everyone to make the most of the opportunities offered by today’s event.

Gitanas Nausėda, President of the Republic of Lithuania

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