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Pope Francis – renewal hope for the world and Lithuania

Tuesday, March 19, Rome - In Vatican City, President Dalia Grybauskaitė is attending the inauguration of the newly elected pontiff Pope Francis. The President congratulated His Holiness on behalf of the Lithuanian people and presented him a unique Lithuanian Palm Sunday flower - tricolor verba of the Vilnius district. She wished the new spiritual leader of the Catholics to seek new paths to the hearts of both the faithful and the secular, as well as strength, wisdom and will in his pastoral work.
According to the President, the new leader of the Church will have to take great responsibility for helping create a better and more peaceful world, promoting concord, trust and assistance to each other, developing a human dialogue not only among Catholics, but also among representatives of different confessions. The world and Lithuania pin their hopes for renewal on the new Pope.
"The Pope is a moral authority and spiritual leader to more than a billion Catholics around the world. Positive changes and greater attention to simple people are always expected from a new leader. Today the world which is facing a number of challenges - poverty, military conflicts, economic crisis and the crisis of values - expects that the Church will actively contribute to solving these challenges and to creating a better and more just world," the President said.
Dalia Grybauskaitė has noted that Lithuania, where different religious communities since old times have been enjoying peaceful coexistence, strongly supports the Holy See's efforts to enhance the sense of community, the dialogue among religions and civilizations, and respect for human rights. The President hopes that the catholic spiritual leader will also help cherish these values in the whole of Europe.
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