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Lithuania needs to implement essential reforms more swiftly


Thursday, June 27, Brussels - Heads of state and government of the European Union, gathered in Brussels, are debating the European Commission's recommendations for 27 EU member states to accelerate dealing with the consequences of the crisis and ensure economic growth. President Dalia Grybauskaitė, who is attending the meeting, has noted that these recommendations urge Lithuania to continue responsible financial policies and implement essential reforms more swiftly.

The European Commission recommends to: 1) cut the budget deficit, 2) implement the pension reform, bring down the level of unemployment, 4) reduce poverty and social exclusion, 5) continue reforming state-owned enterprises, 6) improve energy efficiency of buildings and enhance competitiveness of energy sector.

"Recommendations prepared by the European Commission are clear guidelines for the Lithuanian government prompting which spheres need immediate action. Lithuania must carry out essential reforms to ensure economic growth, job creation and to reduce social problems. People need concrete solutions to the issues of unemployment, pension reform and social exclusion," the President said.

The Commission urges Lithuania to tackle unemployment, with special emphasis on the low-skilled and long-term unemployed. To combat poverty and social exclusion, the Commission calls for reforming the system of social assistance - reaching an effective balance between social benefits and improvement of employability of those on benefits.

It is also recommended to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce heat consumption. The level of heat consumption in Lithuania is three times higher than in Scandinavian countries.

Based on recommendations, our country should foster competitiveness of energy sector developing interconnections of its power grids and natural gas infrastructure with other member states.

The Commission highlights the importance of continuing the reform of state-owned enterprises, ensuring more effective management of their assets.

Per recommendations, our country should further pursue responsible financial policies and reduce its budget deficit.

These country specific recommendations of the European Commission contain proposals for the governments of EU member states how to boost economic growth, competitiveness and job creation in the period 2013-2014.

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