President of the Republic of Lithuania

Key foreign policy objective: Consistent protection of the interests of Lithuania and its citizens

Wednesday, August 25, Vilnius - At the annual convention of Lithuanian ambassadors, President Dalia Grybauskaitė gave an overview of this year's main foreign policy issues, discussed top priorities and defined foreign policy guidelines for the next year.

According to the President, consistent protection of national interests in the European Union, the implementation of NATO's agenda, dynamic efforts to strengthen Lithuania's territorial, energy and technological security by exploiting all options offered by international organizations, the enhancement of the transatlantic dialogue, and constructive relations with neighboring countries based on mutual respect and benefit constitute Lithuania's foreign policy priorities.

Speaking about membership in the European Union, Dalia Grybauskaitė pointed out that Lithuania's objective to have vitally important energy projects - the Baltic interconnection plan and ensuring EU financial support for building electricity bridges to Poland and Sweden - included into the list of EU-wide priorities was realized within a year. The President emphasized that Lithuania's approaching presidency of the EU and chairmanship of the OSCE made it necessary to clearly define our priorities: energy, transport, the Baltic Sea Strategy, research and innovations, and Eastern Neighborhood Policy.

"Strong bilateral relations with European nations, based on concrete work, including active development of regional cooperation with the Baltic and Nordic countries, are a key priority in Lithuania's foreign policy. We have to create a real strategic partnership, filled with specific proposals and conducive to strengthening practical collaboration, and we have to establish dynamic regional relations aimed at promoting our regional development," Dalia Grybauskaitė said.
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