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Foreign policy should be based on the interests of the State

Wednesday, September 30, Vilnius - President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė discussed Lithuania's future foreign policy in the light of Lithuania's interests and changes in international politics with members of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs.

As underlined by the President, success of foreign policy depends on joint efforts by the President's Office and the Seimas.

On the issue of the prospects of cooperation with Eastern neighbours, the President underlined that it was high time to tone down the sharp rhetoric in communicating with neighbouring states and to start building relations on mutual respect and pragmatic interests. According to the President, this will not hamper but, on the contrary, contribute to the delivery of such goals as compensation of occupational damage by Russia as claimed by Lithuanian people in a referendum.

The President urged the Foreign Affairs Committee to cooperate also in addressing energy security problems of the country and in deliberating on the new NATO conception. According to the President, Lithuania will seek that the commitment of the Allies to defend each other be applied in the face of new threats in the same way as such defence is envisaged in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty concerning territorial defence.

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