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EU development strategy will take Lithuania’s interests into account

Friday, March 26, Brussels - The EU heads of state and government have agreed in Brussels on the need to work out a detailed EU development strategy until 2020, setting specific objectives for reducing poverty, promoting economic growth, raising employment rates, improving innovation investment, and targeting education, climate change and the energy sector.

"At the summit meeting, I pointed out to the other leaders that is was necessary to remove, at the EU level, obstacles hindering economic recovery, including the most serious one: the absence of a common EU energy market. The creation of this market is a priority for Lithuania and the other Baltic States. The European Council has taken it into account and has agreed that the new strategy will include the commitment to develop the infrastructure needed for growth at the Community and national levels. This provision will create favorable conditions for building more rapidly Lithuania's energy connections with the European Union," President Dalia Grybauskaitė underlined.

The next European Council meeting will be convened in June. Until then, Lithuania - like other member states - will have to prepare its national development goals. Concrete action programmes will be deliberated this coming autumn.
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Last updated 2010.03.26 07:34