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Dalia Grybauskaitė: EU growth strategy offers new opportunities for Lithuania

Friday, March 26, Brussels - The European Council approved the main targets of the EU development strategy until 2020 to be pursuit by member states through their national action programmes. The EU leaders agreed to focus on and streamline their common efforts towards fighting poverty and social exclusion, raising employment rates, improving youth education, and making maximum investments possible under specific national circumstances into scientific research and innovation. They also confirmed the commitment by member states to increase, by one-fifth, energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy in overall energy generation as well as to reduce air pollution.

"The targets approved by the European Council are very important to Lithuania. The European Council took into account my comments and observations and agreed that the new strategy would include the commitment to develop the infrastructure needed for growth at the Community and national levels. This provision will create favorable conditions for building Lithuania's energy connections to the European Union and ending its energy isolation. No less important is that cohesion and agricultural policies will not be overlooked. It means that we can expect the new financial perspective to ensure appropriate support to Lithuania's rural development," President Dalia Grybauskaitė said after the meeting.

According to the President, in the next three months Lithuania - like other member states - will have to prepare its national development goals to be used later on for defining specific EU action guidelines.

President Grybauskaitė said that the Greek situation and the decision of EU member states to extend together with the International Monetary Fund assistance to Greece was a good lesson to all countries and their politicians to assume full responsibility when dealing with national finances. According to the President, the European Council's decision to establish a special work group to submit concrete recommendation to the Council by the end of the year on ways of strengthening budget discipline in member states would help avoid similar crises in the future or make them easier to overcome.

The next meeting of the European Council is scheduled for June.
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