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At the meeting with Lithuanian ambassadors – focus on enhancing national security


President Gitanas Nausėda met with Lithuanian ambassadors residing in foreign countries and discussed foreign policy topicalities and priorities. Discussions covered EU and NATO related matters, security situation in the region, and Lithuania’s objectives in the implementation of the Eastern Partnership initiative.

The traditional annual meeting of the President and ambassadors of Lithuania was held remotely. “The pandemic has affected all areas of our lives. We have seen how social and economic tensions increase the vulnerability of states to external manipulations and disinformation,” the President said.

A key foreign policy priority for Lithuania – enhancing security – was underscored at the meeting with ambassadors. “Lithuania is a responsible NATO member. We need to be active in ensuring our security, meet our commitments to the Alliance, and increase defense funding to 2.5 per cent of GDP in 2030. NATO summit to be held in Vilnius in 2023 is a great international honor and responsibility as well as recognition of our efforts so far," Gitanas Nausėda stated.

In the discussion about the situation in the immediate neighborhood, the President noted that the Belarusian regime had triggered the migration problem as the number of illegal migrants crossing the Lithuanian-Belarus border had increased fivefold during this year. The President also highlighted the fact that Russia was continuing war in Ukraine, increasing its influence in the South Caucasus and in the Middle East, as well as  systematically raising pressure and destroying the remaining statehood in Belarus.

According to the President, aiming for the long-term goal – to extend the area of security and democracy to the Eastern Partnership countries – requires strategic patience and support to the Euro-Atlantic and European integration objectives of the partners at all levels as well as assistance in reaching them. Gitanas Nausėda stressed that the Eastern Partnership countries needed our experience, assistance, and support. Lithuania can be proud of being a role model to Eastern European countries.

The President also called on the Lithuanian diplomats to mobilize support in the fight against the unsafe nuclear power plant in Ostravets, look for tools and mechanisms to stop the implementation of this project by preventing trade in the unsafe electricity, limiting access to international funding and equipment.

According to Gitanas Nausėda, in the post-pandemic period, economic diplomacy is crucial to recovery; therefore, all opportunities must be taken to attract foreign direct investment and boost exports.

President Nausėda attended the annual meeting with the heads of Lithuania’s diplomatic representations for already the third time.

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