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100 Days: most urgent processes set into motion

Tuesday, October 20, Vilnius - Today is the 100th day since Dalia Grybauskaitė assumed office as the President of the Republic of Lithuania. Giving an overview of her accomplishments in the first 100 days in office, the President underlined in a press conference held on this occasion today that her aim in these first three months in office was to set the most urgent and important processes into motion.

"The challenges were diverse, from the rescue operation for captive Lithuanian seamen to the tragic events in Kaunas. Every day, I had to assume a responsibility higher than that provided for in the Constitution because the people of Lithuania expected me to. I will continue to do the same in the future. I and my team will assume as high responsibility as we can take and as the people of Lithuania will expect us to take. This is how I perceive my work and duty. As for the future, it will depend on all of us, on our ability to mobilise our efforts and on our understanding of how to get things right and that every one of us must contribute to the process of building Lithuania. Therefore, at this difficult economic period I call on everybody to be objective, to criticize the government and myself and, at the same time, to help assume responsibility for building a more secure future of our country. This is what I expect from everybody who supports my efforts," the President said in the press conference.

As one of the most important achievements in her 100 days in office, the President named the start of demonopolisation of the economy, energy sector in particular. The Nuclear Energy Law signed by the President opened the way for the Government to liquidate the LEO LT company, thus braking the monopoly in the energy sector.

The President has also initiated the change of the methodology of calculation of electricity prices, which will make it possible to lower electricity prices next year.

According to the President, with the introduction of harder selection and evaluation criteria for judges and with the proposal of a candidate to the position of the President of the Supreme Court to the Seimas, the process of building a more transparent judiciary was started.

The President is convinced that a foreign policy driven by the interests of the State should also help the country to come out of the economic downturn sooner. In the past three months, the President has made 6 visits to foreign countries and met leaders of four international organisations: the European Commission, the European Parliament, the United Nations, and NATO. According to the President, the strategic partnership agreement recently signed with France should accelerate Lithuania's integration in the Western Europe. Also, bilateral relations with the neighbouring countries, Russia and Belarus, have entered a new stage built on a constructive dialogue.

"The first 100 days were diverse. Every day was different, every day demanded improvisation, creativity and learning. This period was difficult, exactly as I had expected, both for myself and my team, and the whole term of office is likely be the same," the President said.

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