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Gitanas Nausėda presented letters of credence to Lithuania’s Ambassador to Latvia and Ambassador to Denmark and Iceland


On Wednesday, President Gitanas Nausėda presented letters of credence to Lithuanian ambassadors to Latvia and Denmark.

During the meeting, the newly appointed Ambassador to Latvia, Valdas Lastauskas, and the President discussed key issues regarding bilateral relations, collaboration between the countries in the EU and NATO as well as the strengthening of transatlantic ties. According to the President, it is appropriate to further develop close relations with Latvia, as the closest nation to Lithuania, in the fields of culture, education, science, economy, transport, energy, and security.

One of the most important goals, Gitanas Nausėda said, should be to enable Lithuanians and Latvians to get to know each other better. This requires making use of the achievements of both countries in various fields of art, promoting language learning and paying more attention to the free dissemination of information.

Energy and transport projects were discussed separately at the meeting. Gitanas Nausėda urged Ambassador Valdas Lastauskas to place special emphasis on the implementation of the Rail Baltica project as well as to seek a speedier synchronization of the electricity grids with the grids of continental Europe and to strive for a common stance on the threat posed by the unsafe Ostrovets nuclear power plant and on the prevention of the electricity it produces from accessing the Baltic market.

At the meeting with the newly appointed Ambassador to Denmark and Iceland, Asta Radikaitė, the President stressed the need to strengthen bilateral relations and develop collaboration with Denmark on EU and NATO issues. It is of particular importance to jointly address the issues of regional security, transatlantic cooperation, migration, hybrid attacks, energy security, climate change, digital agenda, and the reduction of barriers to the EU’s internal market. It is also necessary to work together with Denmark to ensure that the EU adopts a principled stance towards Russia and Belarus. In the run-up to the Danish Presidency of the European Council of Ministers in the second half of 2025, more attention must be paid to strengthening the Eastern Partnership policy.

Gitanas Nausėda sees a huge potential for increasing exports of Lithuanian goods to Denmark and attracting Danish investment to Lithuania.

The discussion also focused on Lithuania’s cultural and scientific ties with Denmark and Iceland as well as on the opportunities to make active use of the events to be held in Kaunas as the European Capital of Culture in 2022. The President urged Ambassador Asta Radikaitė to place special emphasis on working with Lithuanian communities who live in Denmark and Iceland.

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