President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia GrybauskaitÄ—
Chair of the Council of Women World Leaders

Programs and Initiatives

Spotlight on Leadership Series

The series of events provide a platform for the members of the Council to discuss their policy agendas as well as regional and global issues that are of critical importance to encouraging women’s leadership, advancing gender equality and improving the situation of women.


Business Case for Women Initiative

Business Case for Women Initiative creates a forum to discuss and promote the leading research and action on increasing the number of women leaders in business.


Graduate fellowship Programs

The Graduate Fellowship Programs established in 2001 provide an opportunity for graduate students to join the offices of women world leaders, observe the leadership in action and gain the first-hand experience of working with global women’s issues. Since its inception the Council has placed more than 170 fellows in offices around the globe.

The Madeleine K. Albright Women’s Voices at the Aspen Institute Series (2008 – 2011)

The Madeleine K. Albright Women’s Voices hosted global leaders and internationally acclaimed experts to discuss and debate policy issues, with an emphasis on the gender dimension of each issue, and suggested future actions for change