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Austria’s decision cannot be politically justified

Monday, July 18, Vilnius - President Dalia Grybauskaitė met with Prosecutor General Darius Valys, Vice Foreign Minister Asta Skaisgirytė-Liauškienė, Director of the International Law Department at the Ministry of Justice Aušra Bernotienė, and other representatives of these institutions to discuss the situation brought about by Austria's move to release Mikhail Golovatov, a suspect in the January 13 case.


"Austria's haste in releasing the suspect in the January 13 case cannot be politically justified and compromises cooperation between the European states in law enforcement," the President underlined.


She instructed the Lithuanian Foreign Minister and Minister of Justice, currently attending EU ministerial councils in Brussels, to inform the General Affairs Council and the Justice Council about Austria's unprecedented move.


The President also instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to present a note to the Ambassador of Austria and to summon the Lithuanian ambassador in Vienna home for consultations.

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12:30 Meeting with Speaker of the Latvian Saeima Ināra Mūrniece (Presidential Palace, S. Daukanto a. 3)

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16:00 The President attends the festive “A Christmas of Books” event and the lighting up of the Christmas tree (Presidential Palace, S. Daukanto a. 3)



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